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How to Thank an Interviewer

You may think that it is best to follow-up with an interviewer to thank them for their time
and keep your name in the forefront of their mind.  While this may have that affect on
them, it may not be in the positive way you are looking for.  An interviewer takes time
out of their regular job to fill vacancies in a department.  It is an extremely busy and
stressful time for them and they do not want (nor have time to) take calls from everyone
that they have completed interviews with.

But this is not to say that sending along a thank you is a bad idea, it’s not.  The method
that you thank your interviewer is going to make a difference.  If you received a business
card, send a quick e-mail to thank them for their time and that you are looking forward to
hearing from them.  Quick and to the point and leave it at that.  Do not expect a reply
because you probably won’t get one and do not follow-up on your e-mail to make sure
they received it – you will become an annoyance.

Second to sending a quick e-mail, you can send a short and professional thank you note
(this means no scented stationary or something too cutesy).  The message should be
similar, thanking the interviewer for taking the time to sit down with you, express how
much you enjoyed speaking with them and learning more about the company.  It is a
nicety that while not necessary, can be an added touch to a strong interview.

It may not guarantee you the job, but thank you notes, if done the right way, may open
doors for you in the future.  If there are openings in the company at a later time, the
interviewer may remember you and think of you before others.


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